My work experience

8 years of international trade experience

3 years of engineer experience

5 years of project manager experience

5 years of IT product related experience

3 years of smartphone operator work experience

Form 2013-2014 work in BYD as overseas sales manager

Base in Shenzhen

1. Develop ODM and OEM requirements (including other projects) for Japanese domestic companies and large-scale domestic Japanese company customers;

2. Facilitate the establishment of cooperative relations between the company and customers, and track follow-up business implementation and order management and maintenance;

3. Responsible for the expansion of Japanese business channels and give business development suggestions;

4. Follow up the smooth progress of existing projects, follow up order formulation, order issuance and the deployment of internal production personnel in the company

5. Receiving visiting customers and making return visits to customers, establishing long-term friendly cooperative relations with customers

Projects participated in: Toshiba PASCAL, LIMA, MALTA project (the world’s first tablet with windows 8.1 system), NEC smartphone project, Nintendo 3DS project

Form 2014-2015 work in CMGE as project manager

Base in Shenzhen

1. Manage the entire project process of the game from the preparation stage to the official launch, be responsible for the basic channel work of the game, connect with each platform channel, and implement the platform work.

2. Communicate with platforms, master the policies and procedures of each channel, analyze and organize them, strive for the most effective resources, and ensure the most optimal project effect.

3. Follow up the market promotion of the project, cooperate with the marketing team, and follow up the project promotion activities.

4. Develop daily operational activities plan, improve user activity and RP value, conduct statistics and analysis of game data, and provide operational strategies based on the results

5. Responsible for translating and sorting out various game operations related products, technologies, market documents and materials, and coordinating the smooth communication between developers, operators and users

Projects participated in : Age of Voyage 5, Star Wars: Commander, etc.

Form 2015-2018 work in Freetel as project manager

Base in Shenzhen

1. Manage the entire project process of mobile phones from project establishment, R&D, manufacturing, production to sales and after-sales

2. Leading project risk assessment (including supply chain, manufacturing, etc.), critical component review, stacking review, investment board review, mold opening review, etc.

3. Responsible for coordinating R&D, supply chain, quality department, production management and other departments in R&D activities after the project is established

4. Implement the project structure, hardware and software design review, arrange EVT, DVT, PVT trial production and review each stage

5. Responsible for the communication between leaders and clients and foreign teams

Project participated in : mobile phone models such as KIWAMI, MUSASHI, REI, KIWAMI2, RAIJIN, etc. Reference website:

Form 2019-now work in V-Technology as engineer

Base in Wuhan

1. Equipment installation and planning, follow-up of the plan

2. Repair of equipment failures and regular maintenance and inspection of equipment;

3. Prepare equipment maintenance specifications, and implement and guide the operation of related personnel;

4. Equipment operation monitoring and data statistics, analysis and improvement;

5. Equipment spare parts, acquisition and exchange of spare parts, and purchase application if necessary;

6. Equipment manufacturer repair and information update

7. Communication and docking with Japanese engineers and design teams

Project participated in : BOE , CSOT , TIANMA